Are you looking for a genuine Alternative therapy without Medicines for Stress, Anxiety, Psychological & Emotional problems and also distant Online therapy? You have come to the right place.....


Welcome to Healing Guru Dr. S.V.Prasad's Alternative Therapy

A unique, scientific, Result-Oriented & Root-cause therapy without medicines, without side-effects & without self-effort or practice to awaken your body's own Self- healing power. Based on more than a decade of study in India and England, Healing Guru Dr. S. V. Prasad, M.B.B.S., M.D., D.Sc., P.G.D.P.C., M.A., M.Sc., Ph.D., developed this revolutionary therapy. Combining the best of the ancient wisdom with modern science, this therapy draws your full potential with its emphasis on holistic living & personal inner self-development.


Dr. S. V. Prasad is highly qualified, licensed Allopathic Medical doctor (with Regd.No: 34671) & a popular Counselor, Psychologist, Alternative Therapist, Distant Online Healing Specialist serving since last 17 yrs. He has helped innumerable people from all over the world with stress and other seemingly unsolvable problems, in person at his Begumpet Centre, Hyderabad, Telangana, India and through Distant healing while you sit comfortably at your own house / home / office - returning you to good health.  


Benefits Of Dr.Prasad’s Alternative Therapy:

  • Dramatically lowers stress & stress related problems, tensions, excessive & negative thinking.

  • Heals unresolved emotional issues at the deepest level including anxiety (Generalized Anxiety Disorder-GAD & Seasonal Affected Disorder-SAD, Situational Anxiety Disorder-SAD), fears, phobias, loneliness, suspicion, anger, aggressive behavior, depression, suicidal tendencies, addictions, sleeplessness (insomnia) & many negatives feelings.

  • Improves concentration, learning, self-confidence, sleep, efficiency, creativity, & clarity of mind.

  • Activates the self-healing mechanism thereby strengthening the immune-system improving your coping capacity, overall health, energy and sense of well-being.

  • Effective complementary therapy to psychiatric treatment. Dependency on psychiatric medicines can be reduced; effective as a recovery support program for withdrawal of drugs, cognitive dysfunctions as a result of chemical abuse & medicines.

  • Problems in Children like Learning and attention difficulties & hyperactivity (ADHD).

  • Problems in teenagers like Emotional & Behavioral problems.

  • Problems in Adults like Relationship problems, marital problems.

  • Psycho-somatic disorders (Physical ailments due to psychological causes) like Stress ulcers, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Migraine, Fatigue, and Stress induced BP etc.

  • Healing meditation for wellness

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