Dr S V Prasad’s Alternative Therapy

Are you looking for a genuine Alternative therapy without Medicines for Stress, Anxiety, Psychological & Emotional problems and also distant Online therapy? You have come to the right place.....

Welcome to Healing Guru, Dr. S. V. Prasad's Alternative Therapy. A unique, scientific, Result-Oriented & Root-cause therapy without medicines, without side-effects & without self-effort or practice to awaken your body's own Self- healing power. Based on more than a decade of study in India and England, Healing Guru Dr. S. V. Prasad, M.B.B.S., M.D., D.Sc., P.G.D.P.C., M.A., M.Sc., Ph .D.,the Best Psychologist & Psychiatrist in Hyderabad, developed this revolutionary therapy. Combining the best of the ancient wisdom with modern science, this therapy draws your full potential with its emphasis on holistic living & personal inner self-development.

Dr. S. V. Prasad is highly qualified, licensed Allopathic Medical doctor (with Regd.No: 34671) & a popular Counselor, Psychologist & Psychiatrist, Alternative Therapist, Distant Online Healing Specialist serving since last 17 yrs.

Dr. S.V. Prasad’s Online or Distant Healing Therapy

Dr. S.V. Prasad is specialized in working remotely i.e., from a distance through Online (long distance / distant or non-local healing). This allows worldwide availability for help to individuals, who can’t come personally.

He has helped innumerable people from all over the world with stress and other seemingly unsolvable problems, in person at his Begumpet Centre, Hyderabad, Telangana, India and through Distant healing while you sit comfortably at your own house / home / office - returning you to good health.


There are no side effects from Long Distance Healing & most people including children respond very rapidly. Long Distance Healing is simple and very effective.

If it is not convenient to visit the office, you may contact Dr. Prasad and arrange for a long distance healing session.





Frequently Asked Questions

Who can benefit from “Healing Guru” Dr. S. V. Prasad’s Therapy?

Dr. Prasad’s Therapy can benefit everyone, including children, students, housewives, businessmen, professionals, politicians etc, as there is no self-practice involved.

How Many Sessions are usually required for Improvement?

Depending on the individual case, the required number of sessions / duration is determined. One can start observing improvement within 2 weeks or 15 sessions (each session is around 20 min duration only)

What can I expect to feel during a session?

The work is gentle, subtle, non-invasive & 100% safe. Some people feel sensations ranging from relaxation to tingling & heat. Some do not. The results are not dependent on experiences.

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